Friday, March 29, 2013

EASTER BEER HUNT! (for adults)

All the "kids" in my family are "grown-up" without children, so instead of eggs on Easter, we hunt for beer! My mom started this tradition about 3 or 4 years ago: she hides enough beers so that each "kid" gets a 6-pack worth. We each have our own six-pack that we've decorated ourselves with paint, glitter, etc.

She gets all kinds of beers: cheap, expensive; lagers, stouts, IPA's, exotic, lite - it varies every year. She and my grandmother hide them all around our yard then when they say "GO!" we search for the hidden beers! If you come across a beer you don't want (usually Coors Light or one that you just don't like the type) you can leave it and keep searching. Once your "Easter Basket" (or 6-pack) is full you are done.

The thrill of searching for eggs and the friendly competition (which personally I hate) doesn't go away as you get older, there's just less appropriate opportunities for adults to act out that side of them. It's fun, exciting and makes you really feel like a "kid" again. In all honesty, I like the Easter bunny more now than I did as a child, he saves me money on beer and helps me enjoy my "Sunday Funday"! There's usually some bartering and trading once it's over, but in the end, everyone wins!

He has risen!

2012 Beer Hunt

2012: the "kids" lined-up waiting for our queue to "GO!"

 2012: me with my beers

2012: intense searching

2011: it was REALLY hot and we couldn't enjoy our beers until dinner after they'd been in the fridge for awhile...oh and I always cry on the holidays


  1. Samantha, you are an excellent writer. As I read through this I could feel the moment and time. Thanks for capturing this moment! Love you, Dad